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Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple is close to the Nile, parallel to the Nile River bank. King Amenhotep III who ruled from 1390-53 BC built this beautiful Luxor Temple and dedicated it to Amon-Re, king of the gods, his consort Mut, and their son Khons.

The Luxor Temple has history been a place of worship and continues to be even today. It was completed by Tutankhamen and Horemheb and added to by Ramses II. Towards the rear is a granite shrine dedicated to Alexander the Great.

During the Christian era the temple hypostyle hall was converted into a Christian church, and the remains of another Coptic church can be seen to the west. Then for thousands of years, the temple was buried beneath the streets and houses of the town of Luxor.

Eventually the mosque of Sufi Shaykh Yusuf Abu al-Hajjaj was built over it. This mosque was preserved when the temple was uncovered and forms an integral part of the site today.

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