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Jasmine Nile Cruise

Jasmine is the most luxurious and alluring cruise Dahabeya of its kind. Experience the fantasy of Jasmine while discovering the remarkable mysteries that stretch on both banks of the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt Jasmine, offers a wide selection of entertainment, international delicacies, luxurious accommodations to choose from, unparalleled service and a dream getaway that only Jasmine can transform into reality. This cruise Dahabeyya first set sail only to rank as very old wooden Egyptian style have private bathrooms and showers. Runs 52 meters in width and 7.50 meters in width. The Dahabeyya also offers 2 decks offering breathtaking views of the Nile. Come join us as you Dahabeyya the fabled Nile and witness the wonder of Jasmine . after Booking Jasmine Nile Cruise you will be at awe at the magnificent sight of Jasmine as you enter on to the Dahabeya.


You will be at awe at the magnificent sight of Jasmine as you enter on to the Dahabeya. You will be mesmerized as you take a look at the distinctive grandeur, luxurious ornamentation and the remarkable ambiance that trademarks Jasmine Step on board into the heart of the Dahabeyya as we embrace you with the warm welcome and excellent service that Jasmine employees are well-known for


Quench your thirsty Allow Jasmine to redefine your meaning of night life by experiencing the Dahabeyyas nighttime entertainment first hand.
The ship provides a fully stocked mixed drinks from countries Enjoy listening to the hottest beats or socializing with friends while you quench your thirst with the drink of your desire.


we will make your mouth water as you choose from our tempting selection of international delicacies when you enter our grand buffet Jasmine offers many oriental & international dishes and specializes in authentic Egyptian cuisine. Of upbeat sounds from todays hottest music. At Jasmine Nile Cruise you will have a special refined way to ensure its guest an unforgettable cruise. Renowned for its expert chefs, it serves a sensational variety of international cuisine catering for each and every taste in addition to a delicious rang of pastries.Booking Jasmine Nile Cruise gives your the ability to taste the experience of our great chefs


at Jasmine Nile Cruise, you will set sail with the assurance of knowing that you will be spending your nights lavishly in our deluxe and luxurious Cabins. We have a number of spacious Cabins that are carefully designed to meet the desires of each passenger on board. Each cabin also includes a spacious sitting area, private bathroom and shower and general amenities in order to guarantees a comfortable stay. General amenities include A/C with individual control, international phone service, cable television, and internal music stations.


Sun Deck
We are sure that you will take home some remarkable memories as you stroll on deck, day or night, and taking a glimpse of the unparalleled images of the Nile. You can take a romantic stroll under the magnificent stars of the night or sunbathe on our deck chairs during the day. We have many facilities and activities that can offer you both a relaxing and adventurous time while on deck. Jasmine offers two fabulous decks which include a spacious, Jacuzzi, outdoor bar.Jasmine Nile Cruise Booking is affordable.



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