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Orient Star Nile Cruise  06 Days / 05 Nights program

From Esna to Aswan

Day 01: Esna/ El Hegz Island
Upon Arrival to Esna, you will be greeted by the staff as you embark for the journey. A Fresh welcome drink will be served while the luggage is delivered to your cabin. The voyage begins by sailing down the majestic Nile towards El Hegz Island, Lunch will be served while you enjoy the natural scenery along the banks of the nile. Upon arrival to El Hegz Island, which is located north of the ancient city of Edfu,dinner will be served on board.


Day 02: El Kab/ Edfu/Fawaza Island
Breakfast will be served while sailing to El Kab. Regarded as the birthplace of the Middle Kingdom’s nobles,El Kab played an important role in ancient Egyptian hisotry.After visiting El Kab temple the journey will continue to Edfu. Lunch will be served on board,followed by visiting the temple of Edfu.The Temple is observed as the second largest and most intact monument in Egypt.Dedicated to the go d Horus, the temple was built in the Ptolemaic era dating back 240 B.C.E. The journey then continues to El Fawaza Island were a picnic dinner will be served.


Day 03: Gabel El Silsila
At sunrise Orient Star sets sail to Gebel El Silsila which is located 65 Kilometers north of the famous city of Aswan.After lunch, visit the ancient quarry sites, where many of the stones used during the 18th dynasty we collected. Dinner will be served on the upper Deck, Overlooking the illuminated temple.


Day 04:  Kom- Ombo
Take breakfast at your leisure while sailing to Kom-Ombo temple,a Greco- Roman masterpiece,the temple was built totally  symmetrical with two entrances, two halls and two sanctuaries.Dedicated to the Falcon God Horus and Crocodile God Sobek, the temple displays glimpse of sophistication and advancement in engineering and mummification. Lunch will be served as we sail to the secluded island of Baklaweez, where dinner is served under the tranquil stars.


Day 05: Aswan
Set sail while enjoying breakfast for Aswan, Home of the High Dam, unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple.The temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis.The Philae temple is a unique marvel of modern and ancient endineering.Thanks to the UNESCO’S efforts the temple was saved from partial flooding due to the building of the High Dam.The structre had to be dismantled, relocated to a nearby island then put back together. Dinner is served on board.


Day 06: Final Departure
After Breakfast, the crew bids you farewell as you disembark. The Luggage will be collected and transferred to your shuttle.


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