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Cairo Dinner Cruise Booking

Nile Peking  Dinner Cruise is one of the best Nile dinner cruises in Egypt. Nile Peking  Dinner Cruise is said that this is the modernized boat from Agatha Christie famous novel "Death on the Nile". Its facilities consists mainly of three parts, the dining room, the Shanghai Pub, and the deck where one can sit and watch the Nile  In Egyptor have a dessert. There are also land based Peking restaurants, and as the name implies, they are all decorated in a Chinese style with lots of reds. This is an unusual boat as it has no entertainment to speak of, but this makes for a very nice, romantic dinner for those who have already seen their share of belly dancers and whirling dervish. There is just the smooth music and the sound of the Nile  Egypt rushing by..


All kinds of Chinese food such as:
    * Appetizers: Fried Mushrooms Chinese
    * Chinese Chicken Wings
    * Crisp Fried Chicken
    * Salads: Cabbage Chili
    * Seafood Salad
    * Peking BBQ: Calamari Barbecue
    * Calamari Barbecue
    * Peking Classics: Prawns with Mushrooms
    * Chicken with Green Pepper & Chili
    * Beef with Mushrooms & Bamboo
    * Noodles: Fried Noodles with Chicken, Beef, or Prawns

Kornish El Nile St, Old-Cairo, After El Malek El Saleh Bridge -Egypt

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